Let’s Stop Wearing Artificial Leather Jackets!

Artificial Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been trending in the fashion industry for more than decades now. They have been in continuous evolution since the 1900s, and today, we have a vast collection of leather jackets to choose from.

Leather jackets were initially constructed from genuine animal hides, which made them versatile, durable and attractive. A genuine leather jacket can be quite expensive, but it’s not something that you’re just buying, it’s an investment that you’re making, for a lifetime. 

Since genuine leather jackets can last for more than a decade, if taken good care of, you don’t have to spend big bucks again and again, every season. But you know what’s happening in the market lately? Amongst genuine leather jackets, we have a huge mix up of artificial leather jackets, and that’s what’s confusing the crowd.

Differentiating between a genuine and artificial leather jacket can be exhausting, but if you’re buying a new one, we would recommend you to get a genuine one. Comparing and testing the leather whilst purchasing is smart, and important. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot on an artificial leather jacket that’ll rip off in a season or two, would you?

Today, we have a huge collection of leather jackets over the internet, and finding a genuine one can be quite a task. Thankfully, Yeezy Gap Black Jacket is the brand that we can rely on. The brand offers a great variety of leather jackets, with clear specifications that differentiate between genuine and artificial. 

Here, in this article, we will be discussing why we must stop wearing artificial leather jackets. Why should we put a stop on this? What difference it’ll make and how it’ll be better for us. So, let’s begin.

Why do people choose artificial leather jackets?

There are several people who still choose artificial leather jackets over genuine leather jackets. Some of the obvious reasons to do so, are:

  1. Cheap in price

The core reason why people opt for an artificial leather jacket over a genuine one, is the cheaper price. We all know that genuine leather jackets are constructed from genuine animal hides, and are thus, very expensive. On the other hand, artificial leather jackets are made up from waxed and refined materials, which automatically brings down the cost low. But, people don’t know that they are compromising much more at this price. These artificial jackets are not durable, at all. Instead of investing in a genuine leather jacket that could last for a lifetime, they prefer to keep buying new leather jackets every other season. 

  1. Looks over quality

Those who focus more on the looks and less on the quality, opt for an artificial leather jacket. Rather than focusing on the quality, durability and versatility of the leather jacket, their main focus is on the style that’s trending in the industry. Little do people know, that style will lose its significance, and fade soon, but the quality of a genuine leather jacket won’t fade. 

  1. Offers by brands

If you observe keenly, you’ll notice that brands offer great discounts and deals on artificial leather jackets only. To boost their sales and stay at the top in the market, they put up appealing offers on artificial leather jackets, and people literally spend like crazy. 

Why do we stop wearing artificial leather jackets?

It’s high time that we should stop wearing artificial leather jackets now. Some significant reasons that will convince you in investing in a genuine leather jacket rather than an artificial one, are:

  1. Not durable

Artificial leather jackets are not durable. They cannot resist the damages that a genuine leather jacket can. Artificial leather jackets are waxed, oiled and refined, and thus, loses its original material, resulting in short existence. An artificial leather jacket cannot be worn all the time, all season long. It requires extra care and protection in order to maintain their shine, gloss and appearance. Since leather jackets are not durable, you have to buy a new one every season, and that’s just a waste of money and time. 

  1. Not attractive

On one hand, an artificial leather jacket has a charming design, with waxed and glossed upper shell. But this shine and look doesn’t stay for long. Whereas, a genuine leather jacket can maintain its distressed look, original stress lines and marks with elegance for a lifetime. 

  1. Not exclusive 

Since, artificial leather jackets are displayed by brands with various offers and discounts, they aren’t exclusive. Every other person amongst the crowd owns one. Whereas, genuine leather jackets are expensive, and worthy of their cost, thus, are exclusive and unique. It’ll make you carry a special and valuable look, that’ll make you feel special.


So, basically, what we need to understand is that artificial leather jackets are just a waste of money and our time. Buying a new jacket every other season doesn’t make sense, does it? The significance of a genuine leather jacket is much higher than an artificial one. A genuine leather jacket is expensive, but durable, exclusive and attractive in its unique way.

Let’s stop wearing artificial leather jackets, and invest in a genuine one instead. Let’s get ourselves something worthy of our charisma and personality.

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