How to Style a Windbreaker: Outfit Inspiration for Men

Outfit Inspiration for Men

As soon as the winter season comes, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Well, apart from hot cocoa and cuddly blankets. A good, lightweight and warm outwear – that’s right. You want something super warm and cozy for winters, that can keep you all comfy and protected from chilly breezes. And what could be better than a windbreaker, eh?

What is a Windbreaker?

A windbreaker, also known as windcheater, is the lightest yet warmest outerwear. Windbreakers are constructed from rubberized and oiled materials, that can keep you warm and cozy, and stop the chilly winds from hitting your body. These jackets are lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Windbreakers usually feature a hooded collar with drawstring for the perfect closure that can be detached as well. You can find a wide range of colors in windbreakers, both in neutral tones and colorful. 

Versatile design of a Windbreaker 

Windbreaker is the most versatile piece of outerwear in the men’s collection. You can literally style it up with any of your outfit, be it a plain tee and shorts, shirt and jeans, or hoodie with cargo pants. These jackets are lightweight and can be layered along with blazers, coats or hoodies for a warmer and classier look. 

Styles of Windbreakers

Since our fashion industry has been in continuous evolution for decades now, we have a huge collection of outwear, especially windbreakers. To find some really cool articles, you can always visit Chris Evans Knives Out Sweater, an online brand that offers a great variety of windbreakers, at the most affordable prices.

Anyways, we will be discussing some basic styles of windbreakers, that you can choose from to style up your outfit for winters:

Oversized Windbreakers

Oversized outwears can never go out of style. You can always layer up your oversized windbreakers and match it up with track pants or cargo pants for an 80s style. 

Quilted Windbreakers

A Quilted windbreaker is the warmest you can get your hands onto. It is the ideal outwear for winters and can keep you warm and cozy during the chilly breezes and winds. 

Turtleneck Windbreakers

Turtleneck windbreakers can keep you warm and make you look stylish at the same time. It covers you up totally, so go for it.

Hooded Windbreakers

Hooded windbreakers are the most common ones out there. These hoods can be detached as well. Such jackets offer great warmth with overall cover of your head and ears as well.

80’s Blouson Windbreakers

For a retro look, an 80s Blouson windbreaker is exactly what you need to get your hands onto. A Blouson windbreaker is clinched on the waist and offers to be wind and dust proof. 

Athletic Style Windbreakers

Athletic windbreakers are for athletes who love morning runs or sports in winters. You can pair it with your tracksuit. 

Windbreaker Outfit Inspiration for Men

Since windbreakers are the most versatile outwears that you can get your hands onto, you can easily match it up with anything – literally anything that you own. Here are some great ideas to match up your windbreaker with:

Pair it up with a hoodie

You can always feel comfy and confident by pairing up your windbreaker with a hoodie. Make sure to go with a lighter toned hoodie with a dark windbreaker. For instance, with a navy blue windbreaker, opt for a white oversized hoodie, match it up with cargo pants and sneakers. 

Keep it casual with a faded jean

To look dope and super cool, without being extra fancy for the day, go for a pink or red windbreaker and match it up with a faded pair of jeans. Don’t forget to turn over your sleeves for a dashing and handsome look. Let this casual look embrace you with the funkiness that you’ve craved for. 

Slay in denim

Denim can never go wrong. How about creating some fusion look with a playful hand of color combination? Get yourself a yellow windbreaker and pair it up with a denim shirt in a darker shade along with light blue denim jeans. Maybe wear up a baseball cap, red socks and brown shoes – OOF! You’ll slay this look man!

Go for baggy/cargo pants

For a casual day look, how about getting yourself a white windbreaker, and pairing it up with baggy or cargo pants? Go for brown or green pants along with the white windbreaker, and pick out your casual black and white sneakers. This is quite a casual yet dominant look that any man can pull-off quite easily.

Match it up with a stripped tee and coral pant

For a quirky and casual look, get yourself a black and white striped tee and pair it up with a pink pant. Your brown windbreaker and brown boots will complete your look for the day.

Throw in a scarf

A scarf isn’t only an accessory meant for women, it’s equally chic and stylish for men. When you wear a brown windbreaker, you can match it up with a light blue shirt, gray pants and a black knitted scarf. This black knitted scarf will embrace you with a decent and manly look, along with great warmth and comfort.


A good windbreaker can literally boost up your entire look for the day, along with offering you great warmth and comfort. No matter whatever you match it up with, you can never fail to look good.

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